The story is set in a marvelous land of magic, and its detailed map creates a fairytale atmosphere together with relaxing background music. The player helps an old wizard cross the Wizard Land and bring its inhabitants back to life by reviving the mythical crystal flower.


Once upon a time there was a Wizard Land, where witches, wizards, fairies and fairytale creatures dwelled. Sometimes they lived together in peace, sometimes there were local conflicts; but no conflict could compare to the Last Battle of Wizard Land. The inhabitants of the country could exist thanks to a magic crystal flower, which had grown in an underground maze in the White Mountains and emanated astounding magic energy. But the wicked wizard decided to take all that energy, and it meant the downfall of the whole country.

Heaven thundered, as all wizards rushed headlong into the fight with the wicked one to protect the wonderful flower. A powerful fairy cast a fireball, which killed the wicked wizard, but at the nick of time he managed to turn her into stone together with the flower… Without its magic power all Wizard Land became the realm of shadows. To revive everybody one by one, the oldest wizard has to travel across the whole country and solve magical puzzles. Join the wizard and help him save the wonderful world of magic!

Wizard Land by Rumbic Studio invites everyone to make a breathtaking tour around the land of magic: you will pass the White Mountains, explore the Magic Forest, admire the Seashore, work miracles on the Meadow of Magic and climb the tremendous Skyward Peak. As you move forward, the map of Wizard Land will show you more fairy-tale buildings and fabulous creatures revived by the old wizard.

As for the stone flower, it is situated in a Magic Place – a deep underground cave. The more levels you pass, the more stone petals turn into iridescent crystal. The fairytale atmosphere is enhanced by the background music and the sound of the Wizard’s deep voice.

The casual gameplay is based on match3 mechanics, but due to various modes and types, bonuses and obstacles you will never get bored. There are two game modes – time mode and relaxed mode. The player chooses the mode when creating his profile (each player can create up to 5 different profiles), but it is possible to switch to the other mode at any time of the game.

Besides, you can change the type of the game at any moment – Chain, Swap or Group type. The technique of playing is different for each type: Swap implies swapping items to make chains of matching ones; Chain implies selecting chains of matching items; and Group requires selecting groups of them. The matching items blow up and make place for the new ones.

By the way, Wizard Land features some peculiarities that make it much more fascinating than a common match3 game. For instance, it is possible to turn the playing area and thus control where the items come from and where they fall. To complete a level you should destroy all marble plaques and move the key to the keyhole by matching the runes (the key and the keyhole appear only when the marble plaques are destroyed). The key can fall downwards only, but do not forget that the playing area can be turned!

At the beginning the game may seem quite simple, but each subsequent level is more complicated and requires more skill, because challenging obstacles such as chests and chains (single or double) disappear only after an explosion or two. It would be impossible to complete all the levels, but there are three powerful bonuses. Mega Bonus is probably the most useful one: it needs some time to charge, but as you click the special button, it blows up a lot of random items. Shuffle Bonus mixes all the items, so that you could find more combinations. The third bonus type is "Electrization", which allows blowing up a random item together with surrounding ones. If you play quick, you will get extra “Combo” scores – and if you are puzzled, the game provides you with tips!

The fantastic world of Wizard Land is waiting for you to approach the confines of a mystery. Start your amazing journey together with the wizard.

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  • A fairy-tale world full of magic!
  • The opportunity to unveil the secrets of Wizard Land!
  • Relaxing Atmosphere!
  • Three great ways to play!


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Portugal

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