Build a beautiful town in the amazing Match 3 game, Lost in Night! Earn gold to purchase a pumpkin house, circus, and many other fabulous upgrades. Complete hundreds of different levels by destroying the marble plaques in multiple gameplay modes, swap, chain, and group. Challenge yourself with the traditional square and innovative hexagon field. Use power-ups bonuses to help you complete each level and restore your amazing night town!


Finding your way, lost in the night ... step over the hilltop, your foot reluctantly carrying you over to the downslope. In front unfolds a town shelled in a dark haze. You amble down a short distance more, pausing lest you step into a puddle. What you find in the distance seems incredible: a house made from a pumpkin, another house resembles a pear. The town has no streetlights, but you can trace the flicker of candles on the windowsills of the unpeopled houses. Crickets chirp. Something unexpected gives you cause to start: is that a gigantic snail crawling in the distance, with windows etched into its shell? It must be a house, albeit designed by rather zany architects... Although what about the giant mushroom behind it? Candles flicker there too.

Too tired to run away but too troubled to approach the settlement, a rest is in order. You walk a ways off the dirt footpath, lie down by the pond, and look up at the starry night. The sky fades to black as your eyes close – and explodes into color again. Row upon row of stars, geometric constellations. Orbs resembling drums, masks, sky-beetles? You can't even count the types before the combustions begin. With a quick movement, three of the beetles are connected. The chain of orbs dehisces like so many capsules. Another, larger conglomeration of drum orbs is moved into alignment: one of the “musical” orbs swaps position with one of the remaining masks. This tiny particle tips the balance, and the newly united agglomeration of drums shatters into the void.
And then things got strange.

Some of the orbs shuffle into one another. It then feels as if your own hand is moving, throwing a bomb at one quadrant of the heavens, obliterating all the orbs that had shone to that side. А moment later, your mind must be playing tricks on you: it is as if a magnet has sucked all the golden pieces from the sky, and all the other orbs jiggle and dance into their new positions, leaving the sky a little less full than before. And in their new positions, some of the orbs now form uniform rows and they, too, explode.

As the explosions go on, the city covers more of the horizon. As the night wears on, more structures peak out, gradually, becoming ever larger. There is obviously some secret here, and you know you cannot stop until you find out…

There are other match-3 games. But ours is bigger (three gameplay modes: Swap, Chain, and Group), better (hand-drawn graphics), and awesomer (you can bet on snail races and win gold!). If you want the game to start easy, just follow the automatic hints that appear after five seconds of inactivity. When you're ready to start bending your mind, experiment with our six-sided playing boards instead of the regular rectangular ones. After you make a particularly daring move that wins the round, savor your accomplishment in the Trophy Lodge, which records your quickest, most interesting, and craziest in-game accomplishments.

It's easy to start assembling orbs in a row, chaining them, or grouping them to demolish them. But with the all-new twists and obstacles we've introduced to the match-3 genre,
we think you'll find our game utterly absorbing and too varied to put down. And when you do have to put it down because of work, kids, or other interruptions, you'll find our game easy to save and pick up right where you left off.

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  • An opportunity to build a beautiful town and unveil its secret!
  • Relaxing Atmosphere!
  • Three great ways to play!


  • English, German
  • French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish
  • Poland, Czech
  • Portuguese Brazilian
  • Japan
  • Russian

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  • windowsPC
  • osxMac OS 10.7+
  • iosiPhone/iPad
  • androidAndroid

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