Travel through time and space

  • Unique puzzles on square and hexagonal fields!
  • Challenging gameplay!
  • Relaxing music and sound effects!

Lost in Reefs: Antarcticwindowsosxiosandroid

Once upon a time, a powerful civilization where humans and dragons used to live together existed on Earth, and only the traces of it might be found nowadays. It's all gone, only the ruins of the great city have been rested on the seabed close to Antarctic. Although brave and adventurous people like you can find the great civilization and help the expedition looking for this ancient city to achieve its goal.

Lost in Reefs 2windowsosxiosandroid

Long ago, there was a civilization. In which humans and dragons lived side by side. As real as any of us, these dragons faithfully served their human masters. But man was no match for nature. Draught came. The city emptied and after centuries came to rest on the ocean floor. Time marched on and the dragons disappeared. The city faded into oblivion...

Lost in Nightwindowsosxiosandroid

Build a beautiful town in the amazing Match 3 game, Lost in Night! Earn gold to purchase a pumpkin house, circus, and many other fabulous upgrades. Complete hundreds of different levels by destroying the marble plaques in multiple gameplay modes, swap, chain, and group. Challenge yourself with the traditional square and innovative hexagon field. Use power-ups bonuses to help you complete each level and restore your amazing night town!

Woodville Chronicleswindowsosx

Woodville Chronicles, a challenging and entertaining match3 game. Casual game lovers will definitely enjoy its fascinating plot, advanced graphics and variety of modes, obstacles, options and tools.


The story is set in a marvelous land of magic, and its detailed map creates a fairytale atmosphere together with relaxing background music. The player helps an old wizard cross the Wizard Land and bring its inhabitants back to life by reviving the mythical crystal flower.

Lost in Reefswindowsosxios

Lost In Reefs presents a fascinating story that will hold a player's attention till the ancient city reveals its hidden mystery. It is not a usual match3 game: a variety of modes, options and tools, advanced graphics and the charming undersea world guarantee fun and delight!

Age of Emeraldwindows

If you've ever dreamt of creating something unique and beautiful - there is a great chance to do it in the stunning puzzle game Age Of Emerald. Your main aim is to build a whole-new city where both magic and kindness exist.


Use your strategic skills to clear the board in this jumping puzzle game. You can move any ball, but you have to use it to jump over another one. Once a ball has been jumped, it will disappear. Your goal is to leave only one ball on the board. As the game progresses, you will encounter new types of balls with new traits, making your task more difficult.


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